About the project

The Job-Futuromat was developed in the context of the “Zukunft der Arbeit” (the future of work) ARD theme week in 2016 in a cooperation of the ARD, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the Federal Employment Agency. The Federal Employment Agencystatistics and the IAB provided the data for the tool and professionally advised on the design of the Job-Futuromat. The concept of the tool originally came from data journalist Björn Schwentker from Hamburg. The “Thadeus Roth, Leipzig” agency is responsible for programming and design.

Since November 2017, the Job-Futuromat has been continued in a modified design under the responsibility of the IAB. The original results referred to the technological possibilities in 2013. Because many new technologies have been developed since then and tasks that were previously considered non-replaceable could potentially be performed by robots or computer programmes today, a reassessment for the technological possibilities in 2016 was made. That is why the updated substitution potentials for the technological possibilities available in 2016 can be retrieved in the Job-Futuromat since February 2018.